The Hazy and Blur Effect

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working with Haze and Blurring effect one of my favorite things to try, not just because it adds some interesting looks but can make your photos stand out to potential employers or even just your Instagram followers. Working with blurred and hazy photography the one key thing to remember is this is a type of photography that can be done many ways and everyone does it differently. You will encounter in my photography that I used a lens hood to attach my blur and hazy props but you don’t have to do this! But no matter how you attach your props or where you attach them the effects are fascinating. So some of the ways the supplies I used to create my props were,

  • Cling Wrap
  • Clear scotch tape or Matted if you want a matte look
  •  Sharpies of different colours
  • Scissors
  • Doggy Waste bags or colourful small treat bags

So for the Hazy and Blur effect, I recommend using either a person or in my case an animal. I used my youngest puppy Wendi because she is the easiest to take photos of considering my other pup is a solid black Poodle. Starting in the upper left-hand corner is very thin light brown parchment paper which I put over my handheld flash and then clear cling wrap with a small hole in the middle to make the brown light slightly blurred. On the upper right is a photo with no blur or haze to it so you can compare the other photos to that one. The bottom middle is a full hazy effect with tight cling wrap over my lens cap and then chapstick lightly smeared all around the cling wrap I then made the photo black and white, on the bottom right is a hazy effect on a cheap UV filter with vaseline to add blur to her hair and make the whole image very soft. Finally, the bottom left is a piece of cling wrap that I coloured with a red sharpie and then with water made the colour even and smooth and took a final photo of her while she was sleeping. Some of the pros and cons of this trick are listed below as follows.


  1. The effects can be very cheap as most of the items you need are common household items
  2. This can be a great way to add dimension to your portfolio and take some really cute photos for Instagram that you can brag about!
  3. These photos also make cool cards whether it is a family photo or a quick Christmas card to send to the In-laws


  1. This is a messy process because of vaseline and markers even if they are sharpie will get everywhere so be prepared.
  2. DO NOT!!!! put this directly on your lens, because it will be extremely hard to get off!
  3. This is not something for someone who wants a one shot perfect look, IT DOES NOT HAPPEN!!!
  4. Your camera needs to be in full Manual to do this

This is not a full beginners trick, as it does require you to know Aperture, Shutter Speed, and your ISO since the camera needs to be in full manual for this to work correctly and not have the auto focus block your camera from taking the shot. All in all, this is something that requires a little know-how of your camera, but you can learn a lot of that by reading online or your camera’s manual.


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