Valentines Day!!

Valentines Day the holiday that is dreaded by some and revered by others that love well love. I myself do not hate Valentine’s Day as I believe that it’s the perfect time to be beautifully single or even happily coupled without a lot of work. Now when you are happily coupled or single you want to make those cute goofy photos that make’s everyone on your Facebook and Instagram jealous. Now I did some cute Valentines Day photos not just of myself but of my dogs and even a special Valentines Day bath thats perfect for any couple or single looking for a nice relaxing Valentines Day without spending tons of money. Now me being single I decided for the cute version of most couple type photos. For the first idea, I figured I would set up a cute backdrop with some rose petals to show my love for my two babies Pepper and Wendi.


As you can see in these photos my dogs were good through most of the shoot, but that might be because I was holding their favorite treats. This was one of my favorite things to do as I was able to get both of them in one picture without a lot of fighting and wiggling. I decided to make the one with me and both of my dogs the center of attention because it is a good way for me to show my love for both of them without being overly sweet or loving. Next, I started to play with Pepper some by himself as he likes to be the center of attention just as much as Wendi does he did better, though because he knows stay and sit without a lot of repetition.

Now Pepper is a solid black Poodle so he is not an easy character to photography but it is so much fun. When taking photographs of Pepper I usually use my flash as I like his fur to have some dimension, and then later I correct the red eye since he also has dark eyes so sometimes he comes out looking like a demon. The smallest photo of Pepper I just had to add, it was perfectly timed of him licking his lips. Now the red, and black and white bed was a good combo for this as it was not overly cheesy but it added a level of class as well. The final level of photos that I have included are of the oh so famous glitter kiss now this is a fun little thing to try but I will tell you this DO NOT DO THIS INSIDE!! I had glitter everywhere without any ideas of how to get all of it up without spending hours sweeping. But I must say I loved the photos that came out and they look so sweet and innocent. One of my favorite things about the glitter kiss, however, is special because if done right you can see every glitter spec sparkle in the light.

There you have it, the Valentines Extravaganza complete with everything that you could think of, well at least that I could think of. Now, that Valentines Day is fully over go and buy yourself a box of discounted candy and a giant stuffed animal and if you are old enough drink a large glass of wine and go to sleep happy whether you are single or happily coupled.


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