The Burn Effect

Does changing how you feel something or look at a flower change how it looks or feels to you? Well, it might if you are blindfolded and cannot use at least three out of five of your senses.When you look at a flower, for instance; you are using your eyes, nose, and touch to help you to truly know what the flower is and you are able to experience the sensation. For this project, I burned several different objects and took photos of each to see what they look like and if they had different colours to each items flame. This was a tedious adventure as I had to be very careful with what I was burning and also how I burned them outside since there is currently a burn ban where I was doing this till after four P.M. As you can see in this first set of photos I first experimented with taking photos of my candle after it is lit through a pin-hole lens and then my wide angle lens, to see what differences those two lenses would make. As a tip, if you don’t have a pin-hole lens you can use a piece of cardstock shape it into a circle and then in the very center make a small round hole. I enjoyed taking photos of different objects that burned in the night but I have to admit my favorite part about taking these photos was playing with the matches, candles and glow sticks. Now for a comparison, I took several photos of the three different things that I took the blurring burn effect on. For this set of photos, I used my 55-200mm lens and some slow motion videos with glow sticks. I thoroughly enjoyed the glow sticks. I believe that the reason I enjoyed them so much was because they looked a lot like lightsabers and I am a big Star Wars fan.

The next set of photos are some candles burning and different match-sticks that I burned at both ends. I was surprised how easy it was to get the candle flame in focus as I figured with it flickering I would have more blur but in the end, I was very happy with the results.

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Working with candles, and matches is one thing that no matter how many times you work with flames and no matter how many times you think you will not burn yourself; YOU WILL BURN YOURSELF AT LEAST ONCE. Working with fire for photos is never a fun thing as I always end up getting burned, but I love the interesting looks that they create and I look forward to when it stops raining so I can play with some sparklers and make some cool light show effects. At the very end of the blog, I will put a quick video of my work with the glow sticks and slow motion as I thought those are the best little light show videos. The link is here 


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