As The Flakes Fall

As one of the few, I love to see snow fall watching as it slowly builds up on the ground and roofs sparkling in the sunlight or moonlight fresh and fluffy. One thing that I have always had trouble with however is, photographing fresh snow or snow that is falling from the sky. I have taken countless photos of snow falling and already on the ground and I can never seem to get the same sparkle as I see in real life. But, as I have heard many times sometimes the most beautiful things are not meant to be seen through a lens but experienced in real life. I, however finally got one really good picture last year of some snow falling while I was walking my dogs. To get this picture I finally figured out that having a wide angle lens and a shutter speed of at least 60mm was crucial.pexels-photo-12875.jpegI loved this photo, because not only did I finally get some beautiful flakes falling but I finally got the perfect amount of blur without making the photo out of focus. Since I am currently being hit by storm Stella while writing this I am hoping to get some more beautiful snow photos. My next challenge when it comes to snow is getting some at dark or sunset while it snowing because I believe I could get the fresh sparkle that only happens with moonlight or sunlight. I frankly am excited for Stella just because I can challenge my photography skills and get to see something that is calming and amazing to see.


The Ice on the branch

Now for the second part of this blog post taking photos of ice! Ice is much easier, in my opinion, to take photos of because of the way that it reflects light and diffuses colour. For this photo, the ice around the branch was taken while it was cloudy, during a break in the snow so there was not much light to be reflected but I was able to see the bubbles that were in the ice. Ice photos can be taken in a variety ways you can reflect light on the subject with a reflector disc, or even use your flash and allow the flash to show some kind bubble or water drips that come off of the ice. In a sense, ice and snow are my favorite subjects to photograph and I want to continue to improve and experiment with different ways of taking photos of winter weather. But, first I need a true snow storm/ need to live some place where it snows more to really experiment. So let’s hope that the winters stay strong and beautiful with the winter months full of snow, ice and Hot Chocolate!!



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