Tea as it Blooms!

As someone who is a huge tea fan, and not sweet tea, but loose leaf teas that I brew myself with my whistling teapot. I have a fascination with tea and the ideas of loose leaf teas because I can brew my own combinations, not just things I like together but also teas that help me sleep, relax me when I am having an anxiety or panic attack. Tea can also give you that extra boost of energy when you need it. Maybe because you were up most of the night or just that you are like to me and have some trouble in the mornings even just getting out of bed because of a multitude of issues.img_20170321_2108561.jpg

Having this teapot allows me to allow me to really experiment with some interesting video animations of tea’s spilling into my diffusers and different lighting and reflecting experiments with this teapot since it is metal with a nice glaze to it. The one thing that I truly wished for this photo though would be that I had a glass modern stove and not the burner rings; because I believe it takes away from the slickness of the pot. While messing with the pot and the steam that comes out I also thought that I should attempt an animation technique that I learned in Adobe Bridge while I was pouring tea into my Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20170321211046 (1).gifdiffuser. Now, I will tell everyone this, do not do this the way I did, as I ended up spilling tea everywhere and it really annoyed me. I will however say, I am happy with how my first animation went it is slightly choppy but I will work on that. I have taken many photos of my tea that I have made over the past eight days and have chosen my top favorites to display. Below those, I will explain my choices and how I created some of the more artistic photos.

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I have chosen these six or seven photos because I believe that they have the most contrast and show the type of lighting and reflections that I use when taking photos. My flowering tea in the white circle is by far my favorite because the lighting from my tinted flash added a warm touch to the flower that fit the type of tea it was ( Peach Momatomo). Next, were the ones that I showed how the tea’s  flow in the diffuser to mix the flavors and allow for some complexity. Teas, whether shown in black and white or in full colour are quite beautiful because no two teas look alike. I also have a strong connection to coffee as it helps me to wake up some morning since I am absolutely NOT a morning person so a good cup of tea or two and a large cup of coffee carried out the door truly help to keep me going for a productive day. So even if you think tea is not for you or that all teas are in a little bag that you only drink when you are sick, I urge you to try loose leaf teas as they are much different than bagged teas because you can experiment with your own flavors and even get a good Instagram photo to show off to your followers and make them think you are a genius.


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