Puppy Picture Day

When it comes to our pets, we all like to take cute and goofy and sometimes candid photos of them in their adorable outfits or carrying around that goofy toy you bought them that you know they will destroy in a day. But the one thing that we all stuggle with no matter the type of animal you have, trying to get them to sit still and look at you is the daily struggle. 


When it comes to Wendi getting her to sit and look at a the camera it’s no big deal because she is a HUGE attention hog and loves to have her photo taken. Usually however I have to have some type of treat to get her to sit then focus on me but that is the extent once she figures out that she gets to pose and look cute.

      However, that is not the case for all dogs because they don’t want to pay attention or they are to preoccupied. When trying to take a photo of any pet, I would recommend.

  1.  Have their favorite treat or toy to get their attention
  2. If they don’t​ want to sit still on their own have a friend or family member hold them for a photo.
  3. If they don’t want their photo taken that day don’t force it, like humans dogs have personalities and a mood just like us.

Now, for Pepper he will sit still and look at me, but he is a black poodle with brown eyes and looks like a huge blob of black fur. But sun and a good strong source of light will brighten up his eyes and allow for a bit of sheen. I have been working with Pepper for quite awhile to get the perfect photo and I have gotten some cute ones and some candid ones that I will gladly put at the bottom which are my top 10 best photos of my crazy pups. But no matter what type of dog or animal that you have taking goofy selfies and candid photos of them are a necessity.

S These are my top favorites of my dogs I have plenty more photos of my dogs on my Instagram as they are always doing something goofy and ridiculous. But, that is a big part of being an animal owner is having your dogs do some crazy things and always making sure that you have your phone or in my case a giant camera to catch those rare and adorable moments so you can always go back and look at them again and reflect on the great times you have had with all of your pets whether big or small. You know they will always love you with every fiber of their being!!

“A dog is the only thing on Earth that will love you more than they love Themselves” 

-Josh Billings


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