Emotion Connected to Photography

Life is hard and painful but sometimes you have to look at it from both sides. I have had a horrible couple of weeks so this blog is not the happiest of blogs but it has a much more important and meaningful emotional connection. Hurting someone doesn’t mean that they don’t carry around that small comment or hurtful thing that you have said. Now to show that this blog post is not just a rant of what shitty month I have had, I want everyone that has ever read this to look at their favorite photographer or photograph. Feel the emotion that is in each of these quotes and then look at photos are attached as well and feel the emotions that are attached. Hatred, Betrayal, sadness, happiness and all of those other feelings some can even be attached to each other sadness but at the same time happiness. Because every photo that we take or look at has an emotion or emotions attached to them because that is how life works, you cannot go through any moment in your life without feeling an emotion.

Each of these quotes shows an emotion whether it is happiness or sadness. I have had a horrible couple weeks so most of these quotes are about how I have been feeling these last couple of weeks. Now find some of your own photography or look at some of the photos that you have taken over the years on your phone and see if there is an emotion that catches in the back of your throat. Do you feel a connection to each of those photos maybe it is a family member that recently passed and you found a photo of the two of you hugging or just smiling at each other? That is an example of a photo that can bring real joy but also a crippling break in your heart that you are not sure if you can look at any longer. That is what is meant when you look at a photo or a quote over a photo and you feel something that you never thought you would feel because in every photo we take every moment that is felt we feel a set or single emotion bubble to the surface.Next, I am going to show you some of my most powerful photos some are of the family that was taken away from me and some are just the amazing times that I have had with my best friends and my dogs but, think before you judge each photo about what that photo could mean to me! Think about the fact that, a photo could even bring up emotions in yourself that you never thought was possible.

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This is what real photos can do to you, they can strike an emotion that is strong and amazing something that most don’t see coming but they are there and they are real because life is about having those moments and looking back on them and saying I DID THAT. Now, if you don’t feel like reading the entire thing since I know it looks terribly long, the one thing that I ask is you read these last few words. PHOTOGRAPHY PROFESSIONAL OR NOT WILL ALWAYS STRIKE AN EMOTION AND A PHYSICAL CONNECTION TO SOMETHING IN THE PAST.



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